• Shaina Agbayani Multi(com)plicities, 2014

    A pinay-femme-queerdoe, climate justice advocate, daughter, sister, friend, lover of care workers abound. [1 of 2 directors, Multi(com)plicities]

  • Miho Aida The Sacred Place Where Life Begins, 2014

    Environmental filmmaker and educator, promoting diverse women’s representation in the media to inspire all girls to see what’s possible.

  • Onyinye Alheri Confessions, 2015

    A Nigerian/American visual artist and a ghost.

  • Edgardo Antonio Jr. De Colores, Our Lives, 2015

    A Mexican Salvadoran American Filmmaker and Photographer in Richmond, CA. [1 of 3 directors, De Colores, Our Lives]

  • Myisha Arellano Hands In The Bedroom, 2015

    Illegal Queer Creative Demon from Mexico, Nezahualcóyotl. [1 of 3 directors, Hands in the Bedroom]

  • Jovanka Beckles De Colores, Our Lives, 2015

    A queer community activist who resides and works in Richmond, CA. [1 of 3 directors, De Colores, Our Lives]

  • Xiomara Benitez Her/cut, 2015

    Circa 1989 Sinaloense contraband, loves corridos y es buena pa’ comer tortillas. [1 of 2 directors, Her/cut]

  • Maria Breaux Athanasia, 2014

    A writer, director, editor, cinematographer, and producer whose films have screened internationally.

  • Jacqueline Case His Vision: Project ALOFA, 2015

    A mother of 9 felines. She lives for building relationships and being involved in her beautiful city, Long Beach. [1 of 3 directors, His Vision: Project ALOFA]

  • Shereen Choudhury Sungaze, 2015

    A queer Southeast Asian Muslim living in L.A. By day, she is an elementary school art teacher.

  • Camerin Cobb The Empty Room, 2014

    Hails from Montreal, Québec where they indulge their interests in filmmaking, social justice, gender politics, and cheap rent.

  • Skyler Cooper Hero Mars, 2013

    An award-winning director and winner of Best short at BronzeLens debuts with Hero Mars.

  • Monique Dismuke Who’s Next?, 2015

    Bay Area born Actor, Writer, Mother, and Educator. She enjoys creating films, theater, and is happy to now add producer to her credits.

  • Victoria Estrada Sexuality 101: Identity, 2015

    A Long Beach Native and a professional Photographer. [1 of 2 directors, Sexuality 101: Identity]

  • Jordan Gash In Her Eyes, 2015

    An Oakland native, photographer, filmmaker, avid art enthusiast, and world traveler. [1 of 2 directors, In Her Eyes]

  • Carrie Hawks Negro Hair Petting Zoo, 2012

    Her work concentrates on gender identity, race, and difference through various media.

  • Carolin Huang Multi(com)plicities, 2014

    A media maker driven by badass woc resistance & resilience. [1 of 2 directors, Multi(com)plicities]

  • Moon Flower Ehecatl Wind Medicine, 2014

    A Native, two spirit, woman of mixed heritage, multi-disciplinary artist and tribal scholar.

  • L’Oréal Patrice Jackson Proud & Faithful, 2015

    Artist, Educator, Writer, recently relocated from Chicago to L.A.

  • Stephan Jacob El Beso, 2014

    I have lived many years in Portugal and currently living in Argentina. I am transfeminist, co-founder of “Festival ¿Anormales?”. This is my first short made through Escuela Audiovisual AL BORDE, conducted by QWOCMAP sibling organization Mujeres Al Borde of Colombia. He vivido muchos años en Portugal y actualmente vivo en la Argentina. Soy transfeminista, co-fundador del “Festival ¿Anormales?”. 
Este mi primer corto, hecho en la Escuela Audiovisual Al Borde.

  • Halle Johnson Sexuality 101: Identity, 2015

    An artist of many hats with a hunger to inspire and be inspired. [1 of 2 directors, Sexuality 101: Identity]

  • Lorenzzo K. Nomadé, 2014

    Activist and filmmaker denouncing injustices on abortion and adoption. Co-founder of “Festival ¿Anormales?”. Participant of “Escuela Audiovisual AL BORDE”.

  • Quentin Lee Operation Marriage, 2014

    Based in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Beijing. His first feature Shopping for Fangs premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1997, co-written with Justin Lin. Lee wrote and directed Drift, a drama that became a hit on the film festival circuit. Ethan Mao, his third feature as a writer/director world premiered at AFI Fest and won the Audience Award at the Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. His fourth feature The People I’ve Slept With is a sexy romantic comedy. His latest feature White Frog is an emotional teen drama starring Booboo Stewart (Twilight), BD Wong (Law & Order SVU), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), Joan Chen (The Last Emperor), Gregg Sulkin (Wizard of Waverly Place) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf). Lee recently produced Chink (2013) and Big Gay Love (2013), and directed a short comedy film titled Secret And Toys winning awards at several film festivals. He directed Operation Marriage with Mindy Cohn and Tamlyn Tomita, written by Cynthia Lee. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he went to high school in Montréal, holds a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley, an M.A. in English from Yale University, and an M.F.A. in Film Directing from UCLA.

  • Nathalie Lemoine nathalie nathalie, 2012

    A conceptual multimedia artist who works on identities: diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, gender, and expresses it with calligraphy, paintings, digital images, poems, videos and photography.

  • Rebecca Leo Her/cut, 2015

    A sweetly queer Georgia peach ready to ripen in the California sun. [1 of 2 directors, Her/cut]

  • Karen Liu A Letter to My Father, 2015

    Queer Asian-American who wants to learn everything about anything in the world.

  • Shirley Hsin*I Liu Finding Each Other, 2015

    A formerly nomadic adventurer who loves their queer API fam/community in the Bay Area.

  • April Martin Cincinnati Goddamn, 2014

    An artist who creates social justice documentaries.

  • Sonjhai Meggette Au-Knapptural, 2015

    A photographer and visionary who is committed to changing the perceptions about beauty through photography.

  • Xhercis Méndez #BlackWomensLivesMatter, 2014

    A queer Feminist philosopher and activist seeking new ground for the (re)making of social relations, intimacies, and resistant coalitions.

  • Sarai Mojica Hands In The Bedroom, 2015

    Undocumented jota raised in Tongva land. [1 of 3 directors, Hands in the Bedroom]

  • Erin O’Brien For The Love of Unicorns, 2014

    A Queer Vietnamese/Irish/American artist, culinary adventurer, community organizer, and educator. O’Brien lives and works in Los Angeles and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She holds an MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

  • Lylliam Posadas Being Seen Being Home, 2014

    The child of a badass Mexican mum, a queer artist, writer, and archeologist from South Central, LA.

  • Nicole Pote His Vision: Project ALOFA, 2015

    A mother of 4 children who has been knocked down in life but continues to get up and fight. [1 of 3 directors, His Vision: Project ALOFA]

  • Sandra Ramirez Mamitis, 2015

    Colombian storyteller, photographer, and filmmaker working and living in San Francisco.

  • Holly Riordan-Gonzales His Vision: Project ALOFA, 2015

    A mother to one daughter. Native American Art and poetry is her passion. [1 of 3 directors, His Vision: Project ALOFA]

  • Lani Rodriguez Impossible Bodies, 2014

    Having grown up in a world largely devoid of representations reflective of her reality, Lani is passionate about creating media that amplifies the stories of those who have been Othered.

  • Francisco A. Sfeir A la cama con Francisco / In Bed With Francisco, 2014

    Nació en Neuquén, actualmente vive en La Plata, Argentina, es activista del grupo “Putos Mal”. Dentro de la Escuela Audiovisual AL BORDE dirige su primer documental.

  • Be Steadwell Vow of Silence, 2014

    A songwriter and filmmaker from Washington DC, who describes her art as “queer pop”, placing queer love at the center of each narrative. In May 2014, the DC office of motion picture and television development awarded Be with the “filmmaker of the month” award.

  • Lynn Sugihara Jasmine’s Jubilee, 2015

    An Asian community Activist and Volunteer.

  • Ryan Survilas Rompecabezas Trans / Trans-Puz​z​​​le, 2014

    Ryan studied journalism and social communication in La Plata. This is his first short film, made through “Escuela Audiovisual AL BORDE” conducted by QWOCMAP sibling organization Mujeres Al Borde of Colombia. Estudia periodismo y comunicación social en La Plata. “Rompecabezas Trans” es su primer corto, realizado en la “Escuela Audiovisual Al Borde”.

  • Tina Takemoto Sex, Politics & Sticky Rice, 2014

    An artist and associate professor of visual studies at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She has presented artwork and performances internationally. Her film Looking for Jiro received Best Experimental Film Jury Award at the Austin LGBT International Film Festival. Takemoto is the board president of the Queer Cultural Center and co-founder of Queer Conversations on Culture and the Arts.

  • Irene Tu In Her Eyes, 2015

    A writer, actor, and comedian whose life goal is to make the next great lesbian movie. [1 of 2 directors, In Her Eyes]

  • Meja Tyehimba Life, 2014

    “Producer of three other films; She is a published author and has written several stage/screen plays.

  • Wu Tsang You’re Dead to Me, 2013

    A visual artist who directed the feature Wildness which won the Grand Jury Prize at Outfest 2012.

  • Yesenia Valdez Hands In The Bedroom, 2015

    A passionate organizer for Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement; queer, Gender-fluid Xicana from Fresno, CA. [1 of 3 directors, Hands in the Bedroom]

  • Nicole Valentino De Colores, Our Lives, 2015

    A queer Afro-Chicana Activist who is delighted to be re-emerging as an artist. [1 of 3 directors, De Colores, Our Lives]

  • Jaq Nguyen Victor Swanicorn, 2014

    Vietnamese, queer, genderqueer whimsy-drenched unicorn who gallops around the bay area doing drama therapy, stand-up comedy, body work, and performance art.

  • B.K. Williams Against Hate, 2015

    A producer, director, writer, cinematographer and social justice activist. Williams’ accomplishments in film include the internationally travelled short film What if?, feature film Her Path Home, and documentary Practice Makes… Williams is currently on the Arts and Culture Commission for the city of Richmond California and is the Board Chair of QWOCMAP.