Against Hate (2015)

Againt Hate

Sunday, June 14 – Centerpiece Screening
Director: Brenda Williams

After a corporate oil giant blacks out the sky, it turns its fire on a queer councilwoman who courageously fights back Against Hate.

Athanasia (2014)


Saturday, June 13 – Featured Screening
Director: Maria Breaux

Can the gravitational pull of love bring a nephew back to life in Athanasia?

Au-Knapptural (2015)


Saturday, June 13 – Featured Screening
Director: Sonjhai Meggette

Au-Knapptural embraces the beauty that is bald heads and Black hair.

Being Seen Being Home (2014)

Being Seen Being Home

Friday, June 12 – Opening Night Screening
Director: Lylliam Posadas

The magnetic moments of Being Seen Being Home fully affirm a fat femme as the heavenly body that she is.

Cincinatti Goddamn (2014)

Cincinnati Goddamn

Saturday, June 13 – Centerpiece Screening
Director: April Martin

Predating Ferguson by more than a decade, Cincinnati Goddamn is set amidst the far-reaching shadow of a federal DOJ investigation and the powerful light of grassroots activism, setting the stage for a national conversation about police brutality against Black people. Yet it is the painful struggles of parents coping with loss and communities dealing with despair that show that justice can be a part of healing.

Confessions (2015)


Saturday, June 13 – Featured Screening
Director: Onyinye Alheri

Frenzied Confessions hint at an obsession threatening to re-emerge.

De Colores, Our Lives (2015)

De Colores, Our Lives

Sunday, June 14 – Closing Night Screening
Directors: Edgardo Antonio Jr., Jovanka Beckles, and Nicole Valentino

An Afro-Latina queer couple explores De Colores, Our Lives at the intersection of cultural, sexual and racial identity.