QWOCMAP presents the Queer Women of Color Film Festival every June two weekends before Pride Sunday.

Our annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival is FREE.

Our Queer Women of Color Film Festival is the public face of QWOCMAP’s work, which combines film, art, activism and community building to engage communities to think critically about their relationship to our movements for social justice.

Our Queer Women of Color Film Festival is YOUR community event, so:

Come and enjoy the creativity of emerging as well as established and critically acclaimed filmmakers who are African Descent/Black, Asian Pacific Islander (API), Chicana/Latina, Native American/Indigenous, Southwest Asian, North African/Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian (SWANA/AMEMSA), and mixed-race lesbian, bisexual, queer women of color, and genderqueer, gender nonconforming and transgender people of color.

Enjoy free refreshments provided by local restaurants and businesses at our receptions.

Learn about the work of our Community Partner organizations, which make financial contributions that subsidize our venue costs.

Join our Community Conversations by adding your voice.

Have a great time!


QWOCMAP launches our 11th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival into orbit with a constellation of 39 stellar films, and a Festival Focus “Justice Heals” that radiates our tenacity as queer and trans people of color, and our collective power to transform the trauma and violence that often eclipses our lives.

A Community Conversation “Film & the Nation-State” will explore how filmmakers use their art to subvert relationships to government, even as they define, shape and document the very movements that seek to change institutions and policies.

The Film Festival will world premiere films created throughout California from QWOCMAP’s national touring arm, the Film & Freedom Academy, and films from queer women of color, gender nonconforming and transgender people of color filmmakers around the world.

From a queer Afro-Latina councilwoman fighting a corporate oil giant that blacked out the sky to the sparkle of genderqueer Asians, from Native Women and caribou under the northern lights to fat queer Femmes that glitter, these films witness the birth of our own stars.

All films are Subtitled for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing and ASL interpretation will be provided.


QWOCMAP removes financial barriers to attendance and participation as part of our commitment to economic justice.

While our Film Festival is FREE, QWOCMAP still has to pay for all the costs that are a part of putting on the event. From venue and equipment rental, printing programs, paying for ASL interpreters, and staff time, the Film Festival itself is NOT free from expenses. QWOCMAP works hard to keep the Film Festival financially accessible for our community. We ask for in-kind donations, sponsorship, advertisements, foundation grants, and for our Community Partners to make financial contributions and volunteer their time to work the Film Festival.  This only pays for a portion of the total costs.

For some of us, valuing the FREE Queer Women of Color Film Festival can look like donating time and talents. For others, it can mean donating money to make sure that it remains FREE and accessible to folks with fewer resources. Therefore, we ask for a suggested donation of $10 per person per screening for the people who CAN afford it.


QWOCMAP also encourages audience members to participate in our Silent Auction, which allows us to raise money while providing more experiences to our community.

We also ask that community members become monthly QWOCMAP sustainers in honor of our 15th anniversary at $15 a month, which is the cost of a sandwich and a drink.