QWOCMAP presents 7th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival
All events and showings
at the Brava Theater,
2789 24th Street,
San Francisco, CA

7th Annual
2011 Queer Women of Color Film Festival


The Queer Women of Color Film Festival is held every year in June in San Francisco and features films that address the vital social justice issues that concern women of color and our communities, authentically reflect our life stories, and build community through art and activism. Enjoy the creativity of emerging media atrists who are Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Chicana/Latina, Native American and Mixed-Race lesbians, bisexual, queer and questioning women in the Bay Area.

Now in its seventh year, the Festival started in June 2003 in one room at the San Francisco's LGBT Center with a free screening that drew standing-room-only crowds. In 2005, the packed annual film screenings expanded into the 1st Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival. Now held in the full-sized Brava Theater, the Film Festival is still free thanks to generous grants, donors and partners; includes free refreshments provided by local restaurants and businesses; and features an exciting panel and/or performance each year.

The Queer Women of Color Film Festival showcases new films created through Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project's free Filmmaker Training Program, as well as films created by other queer women of color around the world. Our Filmmaker Training Program develops artist-activist leaders to create authentic films about our lives and loves. The Queer Women of Color Film Festival is the public face of our work, which combines film, art, activism and community-building to engage audiences to think critically about their relationship to social justice issues and movements. The Film Festival is the start of a long and fruitful journey for our QWOCMAP films — many are screened around the world, thereby increasing and spreading the visibility of queer women of color and our multiple communities.


Donations keep QWOCMAP and the Festival going - please support us and donate generously! You or your company can even help sponsor the Festival!

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Stuff money in the sexily‑presented red donation boxes at the Festival, or click on the button to the left to donate online!


The Festival succeeds thanks to the incredible effort and enthusiastic help of the QWOCMAP Staff, Festival Team and volunteers - please thank them!


Executive/Artistic Director - Madeleine Lim
bio here
Managing Director - T. Kebo Drew
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Program Manager - Liliana Hueso
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Web Designer - Jennifer Greene
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Festival Coordinator - Sarah Hark Sun Hamburger
Sarah is excited to join the QWOCMAP family as this year's Festival Coordinator. She enjoys dancing and scheming about future video projects.
Teaching Assistant - Caroline Le
Caroline Le is a QWOCMAP Filmmaker, member of QWOCMAP Productions Crew and Teaching Assistant for the Filmmaker Training Program with a knack for film production, assembling furniture, and climbing big rocks.
Teaching Assistant - Tonilyn Sideco
Tonilyn Sideco was born and raised in San Francisco; Tonilyn is a booty shaking genderqueer love warrior dedicated to inspiring systemic social change through music, theater & filmmaking. Toni is a QWOCMAP Filmmaker and Teaching Assistant for the Filmmaker Training Program.


Nancy Angel
Nancy Angel is a hardworking Mexicana that keeps her passion for life alive through music, food and love. She is forever grateful to QWOCMAP for helping her find the love of her life!
Zoila Aviles
Zoila Aviles is very much in love with life and joyful to help others.
Dulce Garcia
Dulce is a Fierce Queer Xicana Fat Femme who rocks hot red lipstick and matching heels while dancing Salsa!
Elisa Huerta
Elisa coordinates the Multicultural Community Center at UC Berkeley. Originally from Austin, Texas, Elisa earned her Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz. She has organized, managed, and coordinated events for over 10 years.
Magdy Hurtado
Magdy Hurtado is a fierce Queer Xicana who works at La Clinica de La Raza WIC. Her passions include organizing local community events, finishing her master's thesis in Ethnic Studies and falling more in love each day with her boo. QWOCMAP, thanks for the love connection!
Jamilah King
Jamilah King is a writer, editor and poet based in San Francisco. She currently works as news editor at Colorlines.com
Amal Kouttab
Amal Kouttab is a registered drama therapist and prevention educator who is currently Director of Community Initiatives at San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR). She has used drama, art and writing to facilitate therapeutic groups in a variety of settings in New York City and the Bay Area.
Joy Lam
Joy Lam is has been in the independent film scene in the bay area for four years. She has helped other QWOCMAP filmmakers on their productions. She is currently a Union Apprentice Carpenter from San Francisco's Local 22.
Vanessa Lewis
Vanessa Lewis is a queer, femme, feminist, afrocentric writer/educator/performance artist whose life is devoted to empowering and loving her students, arts social justice activism, dismantling violent institutions, and the qpoc dynasty that is QWOCMAP!
Bethany Lockhart* (Board Member)
Bethany is a member of the QWOCMAP Board of Directors. She is also a dedicated blogger and a really fun auntie to her 2 nieces.
Michelle Miguelez
Michelle Miguelez is a queer chica from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is grateful and ecstatic to be a part of the QWOCMAP familia.
Michelle Morales
Michelle Morales is a 31-year old queer Filipina bodhisattva who seeks social change through Buddhist faith, study and practice. This is her second year on the QWOCFF team.
Lourdes Rivas
Lourdes is a 25 year old youth educator, excited every summer for the Queer Women of Color Film Festival!
Margo Rivera-Weiss* (Board Member)
Margo Rivera-Weiss was made in Miami under the avocado and mango trees; loves to cook and be creative.
Lynn Sugihara
Lynn T. Sugihara is a dental hygienist who when not volunteering is fishing/fly fishing.
Angie Tai
Angie Tai is a softball playing butch model, a baller & shot-caller who loves antique furniture and lots of porno movies. You can find Angie running her family's businesses and around the field.
Meja Tyehimba
Meja Tyehimba began her theatrical career at the famed New LaFayette Theatre in Harlem and her experience spans from playwright to producer to stagehand. She has taught theatre arts to youth and has been an artist-in-residence from Virginia to New Mexico to the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre. A QWOCMAP Filmmaker, she has two films in this year’s 7th annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival and she is part of the QWOCMAP Productions Crew.
Rashmi Vasudevan
Rashmi is of Indian origin who currently lives in the Bay Area and loves every bit of it. Beyond work and gossiping with friends, she enjoys blogging at gaysifamily.com to help the Q folks in India and elsewhere, or those who identify as of Indian-descent.
Brenda Williams* (Board Member)
B.K. Williams is a nighttime filmmaker who has completed her second film with QWOCMAP and looking ahead to the next.
Oliver Zerrudo
Oliver Zerrudo is a child of the community. As the son of a QWOCMAP Filmmaker, Kiki Zerrudo, Oliver strives to give back to the community which has raised him.


Many Fabulous and Fierce volunteers make the Festival possible every year —
we are deeply thankful for each and every volunteer's incredible generosity, energy,
skill and talent!