QWOCMAP presents 6th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival
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All events and showings
at the Brava Theater,
2789 24th Street,
San Francisco, CA

6th Annual
Queer Women of Color Film Festival

Festival Schedule - by Date

The Festival is free admission - please arrive early to ensure your seating!

7:30 pm
Opening Night Screening
Doors Open
& Reception:
6:30 pm

ROMANTIC RESONANCE  (suggestive content)

Yearning hands, ardent minds and hearts aching with diatonic frequency rocksteady to the beat of new beginnings.

Two women explore mutual attraction through lyrical notes interwoven with hip-hop culture in ABOUT HER. The crisp brush of skin and the smooth cadence of prose captivate LA LECTURA. Shaken by a break-up, Ace hits the town in a night where BOIS WILL BE BOIS. A queer Filipina left RUNNING ON EMPTY by an ex finds new rituals for self-love. THE POSTWOMAN adds lively jazz to the existence of an unhappy woman. The percussive palms of butch and femme hands are a CALLING CARD for desire. Words on THE LIST pulsate with the power to make dreams come true. The backbeat of anticipation plays through the intimacies of four couples in FRACTIONS. The tempo of a TRANSITIONAL LOVE OBJECT throbs with love.

Running Time: 74 minutes
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers


About Her (Melinda James, 2010)

La Lectura (Lucrecia Bermudez, 2010)

Bois Will Be Bois (Dai Ming An, 2010)

Running on Empty (Michelle Morales, 2010)

The Postwoman (J.D. Walker, 2010)

Calling Card (Jennifer Hatton, 2010)

The List (Aries Hines, 2010)

Fractions (Amal Kouttab, 2010)

Transitional Love Object (Michelle Ito, 2010)

10:30 pm
CURVE Opening Night Party ~ Medjool Restaurant ($10 - $20)
  Celebrate the opening of the film festival with QWOCMAP & Curve Magazine!
DJ Olga T & DJ Wepa  [view bios]
Medjool Restaurant - 2522 Mission Street @ 21st St, SF   [directions]

4:00 pm
Performance & Celebration with Two-Spirit Artists
Doors Open
3:00 pm


Food Provided by Gay American Indians and in-kind donors

Redwolf Painter, Diane Pfile, Ruth Villasenor, Michelle Zamora, Sharilane Suke




At the Brava Theater, 2789 24th Street, San Francisco, CA

A clean & sober event.

7:00 pm
Featured Screening
Doors Open
& Reception:
6:00 pm


Drumming to an ancestral beat, new songs harmonize tradition, spirituality and sexuality to shatter colonial myths as well as modern conventions.

CON UNA LENGUA QUE NO ES MIA a woman mourns the loss of language and legacy. The generations born after 1932 know that TO BE SALVADORIAN IS TO BE HALF-DEAD. Ascending prayer vibrates with the pitch of earth in RENACIMIENTO DE UNA BRUJA. The lyrical SAGRADO echoes the balance and harmony found in nature. WILD STRAWBERRIES honors the filmmaker's Cherokee elder who recently passed away. Encounters with European Christians change the measure of Two-Spirit ambassadors in TWO EMBRACE. Spiritual connections in TWO SPIRITS: BELONGING frame the Bay Area urban reservation. KILLING THE 7th GENERATION strikes a powerful lament against the history of forced sterilization. TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS VALUES counter the dissonant frequencies of colonization and Prop 8.

Running Time: 70 minutes
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers

A clean & sober event.


Con Una Lengua Que No Es Mia (Leticia Miranda, 2010)

To Be Salvadorian Is To Be Half-Dead (Margareth Ramos, 2010)

Renacimiento De Una Bruja (Zemaya Martinez, 2008)

Sagrado (RaheNi I'naru, 2010)

Wild Strawberries (Morningstar Vancil, 2010)

Two Embrace (Carrie House, 2009)

Two Spirits: Belonging (Rope Wolf, 2005)

Killing the 7th Generation (Esther Lucero, 2010)

Traditional Indigenous Values (Ruth Villasenor, 2009)

10:00 pm
After Party ~ Bollyhood Café ($5 - $20)
  DJ Ryan & DJ Black & DJ Cupcake  [view bios]
Bollyhood Café - 3372 19th Street @ Mission St, SF   [directions]

2:00 pm
Centerpiece Screening
Doors Open
& Reception:
1:00 pm


In a world of constant ebb and flow, the vibrations of a queer yesteryear keep us in tune with our ever-evolving communities.

PASSERSBY miss meaningful moments in the amplified commotion of daily life. HERE WE GO as lovers in a fragmented world recall their commitment to each other. OUR HOUSES resound with desire and self-discovery for queer women of color. After REMOVING THE LAYERS, a woman lets her true light shine. The snare, hi hat and syncopation of the Harlem Renaissance honor BULLDAGGER WOMEN & SISSY MEN. 100 years later, the poetry of Angelina Weld Grimké taps open a PANDORA'S BOX of romantic friendship. Life fully resonates outside of labels and LITTLE BOXES. A young lesbian wavers like a metronome before coming out about A BOY ON THE SIDE. Popular notions of beauty and the quivering edge of truth are PRETTY UGLY. Kimchi is a strong accompaniment to cultural identity and self-love in FERMENT ME MY HEART.

Running Time: 73 minutes
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers


Passersby (Edna Barron, 2010)

Here We Go (Zoe Guy, 2009)

Our Houses: Taking Back Our Desires, Sexuality, & Power (Yvonne Tran, 2010)

Removing The Layers (Debbie Hammond, 2010)

Bulldagger Women & Sissy Men (Kali Boyce, 2010)

Pandora's Box (Enid Stern, 2010)

Little Boxes (Kiz Dodds, 2010)

A Boy On The Side (Natalie Ruiz-Tofano, 2010)

Pretty Ugly (Susannah Hong, 2010)

Ferment Me My Heart (Louije Kim, 2009)

6:00 pm
Closing Night Screening
Doors Open
& Reception:
5:00 pm


Ringing with tender humor and poignant discovery, these films form a polyrhythmic chorus of biological and logical families.

PASSING THROUGH LIKE WATER bonds three generations of Iranian women through history and memory. A queer Black father leaves behind a dignified legacy in I KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING. A mother and daughter sidestep their relationship in MAMA AWILDA: EL DUET. A queer woman discovers that HOME IS WHERE MY MOTHER IS. A young Latina gives up HOOPS and finds her groove with the help of her mother. A young Black woman finds her LOGICAL FAMILY and begins healing. FOR NENA P trembles with grief over family rights denied to a lesbian couple. Folks of color serve in-your-face fatback bass and tell the truth about THE COLOR OF 8. A young Egyptian changes the tempo of her life after she receives THE INVITATION. With $5, seven days and a mannequin, a jilted Asian woman thunders that she is NEVER THE BRIDE.

Running Time: 80 minutes
Followed by Q&A Panel with Filmmakers


Passing Through Like Water (Monely Soltani, 2009)

I Know Where This Is Going (Dawn Surratt, 2010)

Mamá Awilda: El Duet (Kortney Ryan Ziegler, 2010)

Home Is Where My Mother Is (Bethany Lockhart, 2010)

Hoops (Michelle Miguelez, 2010)

Logical Family (Alexa Hall, 2010)

For Nena P (Yolanda Bocanegra, 2010)

The Color of 8 (Corey S. D., 2010)

The Invitation (Heba Gamal, 2010)

Never The Bride (Esther Zinn, 2010)

8:00 pm
Closing Night Party ~ Monkey Club ($5 - $20)
  Celebrate the close of the film festival!
DJ Eman & DJ Lunaceptive & a special guest  [view bios]
Monkey Club - 2730 21st Street @ Bryant, San Francisco   [directions]

All showings are free admission, unless otherwise indicated. Refreshments will be served.
Please note: On Saturday, June 12, QWOCMAP will NOT serve alcoholic beverages, and all Festival Focus events at the Brava Theater are clean & sober.

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