QWOCMAP presents 6th Annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival
 FIVE THINGS All events and showings
at the Brava Theater,
2789 24th Street,
San Francisco, CA

6th Annual
2010 Queer Women of Color Film Festival

Five Things to Know About the Film Festival
Community & Solidarity Statements

Queer Women of Color Community Statement

QWOCMAP prioritizes queer women of color in our work, including our Filmmaker Training Program and our annual Queer Women of Color Film Festival. We serve this community first and foremost and honor its dynamism and constant growth. We recognize the important role our allies play in supporting our community and in celebrating the incredible work of our QWOCMAP Filmmakers. We welcome our supporters to attend all events and screenings during our Queer Women of Color Film Festival.

If you are a queer woman of color, we kindly ask that you prioritize yourself by arriving to Film Festival events early. Our highly popular and free screenings usually fill to capacity, in which case we must turn away those who arrive late. We strictly adhere to our first-come-first-serve policy as a fair and equal system of admission, and we strictly observe the Brava Theater Center's fire safety codes so that we can continue to enjoy this fine venue in the future. Our greatest desire is to see you at the Film Festival, after all, YOU are what QWOCMAP's programming is all about! Please value your own time and get to the theater early. These sexy, kickass films are truly worth it.

Solidarity Statement: Transgender & Gender Queer Communities of Color

QWOCMAP stands in solidarity with transgender, gender queer, two-spirit, gender nonconforming and intersex queer people of color. We are resolute in our commitment to all members of our multi-faceted, vibrant communities in fighting oppression through art-activism. We are dedicated to the creation, exhibition and distribution of films that explore the dynamic experiences of gender identities and expressions. We work in collaboration to face common challenges and collectively honor all of the groundbreaking artistic, cultural, spiritual, and political work that continues to expand and influence radical change and social justice.

Transgender, gender queer, two-spirit, gender nonconforming and intersex queer people of color are welcome and included in our Training Program. In 2005, we conducted a Training Program workshop specifically dedicated to queer people of color who are Butch/Genderqueer/Transgender and we showcased these films at our Queer Women of Color Film Festival. We will offer a workshop focused on gender identity and sexuality in Fall 2010.

We were honored to have partnered with the Trans March in 2008 to co-host an After Party for our Queer Women of Color Film Festival that benefited both organizations.

We are committed to continuing such partnerships and forging new ones in the spirit of community growth and cross-pollination.

Environmental Justice

Understanding that low-income communities and communities of color disproportionately bear the burden of environmental pollution and injustice, QWOCMAP's goal is zero waste. As we grow, we continue our steadfast commitment to sustainable and earth-friendly practices by recycling and composting for the duration of our three-day Queer Women of Color Film Festival. The San Francisco Department of the Environment supports us with compostable cups and trash, recycling and composting receptacles. We provide compostable utensils, plates, and napkins and the San Francisco Conservation Corps provides us with zero waste disposal services. Please help us uphold our commitment to a sustainable and healthy environment by following disposal protocols at Festival events.

Delicious Heritages

We believe that food nourishes both the body and the soul. In celebration of the vital role that food plays in our communities, cultures, and histories, we offer a free reception of delectable delights before each screening. We honor the sacredness of food at our events and screenings by paying special attention to food quality and collaborating with supportive local vendors who donate to the Film Festival. We provide as great of a variety as we can, including vegetarian, vegan and wheat-free options whenever possible.


We honor bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities and work diligently to accommodate the diverse and significant needs that exist in our communities. QWOCMAP strives to create vibrant, multi-facted and inclusive events. As we cannot anticipate all needs, we encourage audience and community members to contact us at least two weeks in advance of any particular event with specific requests for accommodations. We will do all that we can to create welcoming, respectful and fantastic spaces for everyone to enjoy.

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